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Be the best player in your lobby, game after game. With CODCOACH the best Call of Duty players in the world will be at your side to help you. Improve your Kill/Death ratio, Gain Your Edge!

Can't I find instructional videos on the internet for free?

Sure; There are a few amateur instructional videos and guides scattered throughout the Internet that might give you a tip on occasion, CODCOACH provides content that's first and foremost instructional and up-to-date. Other videos are usually for entertainment purposes or showing off high killstreaks, but our content is continuously produced, has concise information, and created specifically for players like you. Stop wasting your time searching and start learning with CODCOACH. We have a large instructional video archive including guides for each division. Our extensive library of instructional videos goes in-depth on details found nowhere else on the Internet. You always know information on CODCOACH is credible and up-to-date with the latest multiplayer updates!

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How do I actually know information on CODCOACH is up-to-date and credible?

In addition to our contributors being the top MLG players and Youtube celebrities in the world, we screen each contributor and video to ensure it meets our CODCOACH quality standards. Since we have many contributors on staff, we are able to release new content as soon as any updates may occur.

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What if I’m not a Major League Gamer?

MLG specific content is only a portion of our instructional archive. We have Loadouts and Map Guides covering everything you need to know about playing Call of Duty: WWII. If you do not find this website helpful, please let us know what is needed to better your gaming skills. We listen to all feedback and questions

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Why do you have to pay for CODCOACH?

We started CODCOACH to deliver a professional-quality instructional service and community that never has been provided before. Unfortunately, quality and innovative education is never free, and in order for our contributes to produce the content the community wants, we must pay them. We are existent around the idea that our members sign-up and continue to utilize our gaming community service for it’s quality and quantity content you can not find elsewhere.

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