Welcome to my profile page everyone!
My name is Jake, one of the co-founders of CODCoach.

Located within my page you will find mainly article posts containing opinions and findings from my personal research and gaming. You can also find some videos explaining basic, beginner type content that will help you improve your understanding of Call of Duty.

I grew up in Ohio and have lived in Florida going on 8 years new. My love for Call of Duty stems back to Call of Duty 3 when I first received my Xbox 360. I competed on gamebattles with many top notch gamers (ASSASS1N, HASTR0, to name a few) and was very successful. Towards the end of that series and beginning of Call of Duty 4 I was regarded as one of the top 25 players in the world, being solely an AR player.

My original gamertag was Edison3Balla, then o iN 1 IN G A o for many years until recently. I play on the Xbox One and would love to play with subscribers and the community as much as possible!

Thanks again for viewing the page! Hopefully you find the resources you need to better yourself in the game. If you have any questions, comments, and feedback for me please comment on my videos. Anything for the website should be directed to [email protected]
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