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Personal information:

Gaming Information:

Contributor Information:

Contributor Requirements:

Have extensive knowledge of the game and it's mechanics so that you could explain in detail to a CodCoach member.

Some video editing knowledge, be able to capture/edit and produce instructional videos.

If you cannot capture video content:

If you feel you can contribute to the CodCoach community in other ways than videos, such as articles, and forum moderation then we will still review your application.

Sample Video Guidelines:

Sample videos must be instructional please do not submit uncut gameplay with running commentary.

Sample videos must include commentary, on-screen text, and we encourage on screen graphics and pauses in the video to further explain scenarios.

Sample video should be short and no longer than a length of 8 minutes.

If we accept your application and video we will pay you for your sample video submission.

Applications that provide a sample video have a much higher approval rate!

Application Process:

1Step 1 - Basic Information

Fill out your application to the best of your ability and we will contact you via email as soon as possible!

2Step 2 - Upload Sample Video

Please follow the email’s instructions to upload your sample video.

3Step 3 - The follow-up

Once you have uploaded a sample video and your application we will review both and contact you via email within one week.

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